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Television has always been a medium where characters come to life, not just through their actions and words, but also through their distinctive style. In the television world, fashion isn’t just about the latest trends—it’s a form of expression that can define a character and leave a lasting impact on viewers. 

Only a few wardrobe choices are in the fashion line that holds the power, sophistication, and timeless style, quite like a well-tailored suit. From sharp detectives to suave businessmen, television has given us an excess of characters who not only solve crimes or navigate complex plots but also do so with an impeccable sense of fashion. You can find these graceful suits on USAJacket, so gear up and get ready to look stylish. 

In this article, we will take a closer look at some TV characters, who have raised the art of dressing well to new heights.

Harvey Specter from Suits

No list of flawlessly dressed TV characters would be complete without mentioning Harvey Specter from the legal drama “Suits“. As a top Manhattan lawyer, Harvey’s wardrobe is as sharp as his legal insight. His modified suits, perfectly knotted ties, and pocket squares are a visual representation of his confidence and success. Harvey Specter’s style has become iconic, influencing men’s fashion and setting the standard for corporate chic.

Don Draper from Mad Men

Set in the 1960s, “Mad Men” provides a nostalgic journey through the world of advertising, and at the front of this stylish ensemble is Don Draper. As the creative genius behind Sterling Cooper, Draper’s wardrobe is a reflection of his enigmatic personality. Crisp white shirts, narrow ties, and perfectly tailored suits define Draper’s classic, sophisticated style, making him a timeless icon of men’s fashion.

James Bond from Various Bond Films

Although James Bond is a character from the big screen, his influence on TV cannot be ignored. With each actor who steps into the role, the character of Bond continues to redefine men’s fashion. Whether it’s Sean Connery’s classic tuxedos or Daniel Craig’s modern tailored suits, Bond exemplifies the essence of suave, charming style. The secret agent’s impeccable taste in suits has set a standard for elegance and sophistication.

Neal Caffrey from White Collar

In “White Collar“, Neal Caffrey, a former con artist turned FBI consultant, is not only known for his cunning mind but also for his impeccable fashion sense. His wardrobe is a mix of classic and contemporary styles, often featuring slim-fit suits, fedoras, and accessories that add a touch of flair. Caffrey’s style is a reflection of his charm and adaptability, making him one of the most stylish characters on TV.

Jessica Pearson from Suits

While Harvey Specter may take the spotlight in “Suits“, Jessica Pearson, the managing partner of the law firm, deserves equal attention for her commanding presence and impeccable style. Her wardrobe is a blend of powerful silhouettes, bold colors, and statement accessories. Pearson’s elegant and sophisticated suits showcase a balance of authority and femininity, proving that style knows no gender.

Thomas Shelby from Peaky Blinders

In the gritty world of “Peaky Blinders“, Thomas Shelby stands out not only for his cunning strategies but also for his distinctive style. The period drama set in post-World War I Birmingham, features Shelby in three-piece suits, flat caps, and long overcoats, creating a unique and rugged look. The association of his sharp attire against the backdrop of the gangster world adds depth to his character.

Olivia Pope from Scandal

Olivia Pope, the crisis management expert in “Scandal“, is not only known for fixing political scandals but also for her impeccable sense of style. Her wardrobe consists of elegant and sophisticated pantsuits, often in neutral tones. Olivia’s style exudes professionalism, power, and a touch of femininity, making her a fashion icon in the world of television.


Television has given us a diverse array of characters who not only captivate us with their stories but also leave a lasting impression with their impeccable style. From the boardrooms of Manhattan to the smoky streets of Birmingham, these characters have proven that a well-tailored suit is more than just clothing—it’s a statement. In the world of television, these characters have truly mastered the art of being dressed to impress.

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